It’s a WT 290 Convey-All weigh wagon. It’s what you need for year-round versatility.

The WT 290 weigh wagon is designed to function with any Convey-All conveyor for any type of crop, including those with delicate seeds. It also handles granular herbicides and fertilizers and is ideal for seeding test plots.

A set of scales is also available. They fit right underneath the WT 290 Weigh Wagon.

  • WT 290 Motor
  • WT 290 Working

WT 290 Weigh Wagon Specifications

Conveyor 10" dia. x 21' tube with 16" wide belt
Discharge Rate 3,500 lbs./min
Hopper Capacity 290 unit 50/50 split hopper
Conveyor Swing Conveyor transports at front or rear and has a 152 degree swing
Mounting Deck mount frame. Also available with 23" high dedicated gooseneck or bumper hitch trailer
Length 25' 7" (hopper plus conveyor in transport position)
Hopper Length 11' 6"
Hopper Width* 8'
Hopper Height* 8' 7"
Conveyor Height* 12' 10" on 24" high trailer
Discharge Height* 12' on 24" high trailer
Weight* 2560 lbs. with gas drive & split hopper

*For total discharge height, transport dimensions and weight add the dimensions and weight of the trailer or truck deck. Deck height of dedicated trailer is 3'.