Convey-All BTS 295 Seed Tender is ideal for a huge variety of large planters.

Convey-All USA's BTS-295 Seed Tender is built for productivity with a new look and ability to hold more seed!  It is just one of the innovative seed tenders from Convey-All that gives you the ability to pull alongside the rear of the planter, swing the bulk seed tender into position and it is ready to fill.

The BTS-295 is the first all-belt conveyor with a simple design and is the most reliable and dependable conveyor on the market. With Convey-All's ease of use, it is not only farmer friendly to operate but it is competitively priced without sacrificing quality.

Available with Full Wireless Throttle Gates, Swing, and Start!

Who wouldn't want all that?

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  • Bean Tender Wireless Remote Demo
  • BTS 295 Truck
  • BTS 295_2
  • Full Wireless Remote